About NRSG

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Established in 1991, Northern Residential Support Group Incorporated has served Tasmanian people living with a disability for many years.

NRSG Inc was the first Tasmanian community organisation to provide residential support to people with intellectual disabilities through the Community Integration Project.  In addition to former clients of the Willow Court Centre, NRSG Inc extended residential support to people already living in the community.

NRSG Inc has expanded over the years and now manages seven group homes and provides a day support program.

Undertaking Novated Lease Calculators

Undertaking Novated Lease Calculators.

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Before Undertaking An Opportunity, Bear This In Mind
Momentous opportunities, especially of the financial variety, warrant sound decision-making. The path we pave on our journey to such endeavors should be sturdy, unwavering, and conducive to a favorable outcome. By employing helpful aids, we can ensure that the scales are tipped in our favor.

Novated Lease Calculators
Novated Lease at Stratton Finance calculators are prime examples of tools one should utilize before embarking on a commercial enterprise. These practical computing implements help steer lessees to the most cost-effective novated leasing option. With the market saturated with leasing companies, novated lease calculators are rendered all the more necessary. At this point, you’re likely asking yourself why anyone would ever need to use this nifty gadget.

Who Are Novated Lease Calculators Geared Towards?
Novated lease calculators are designed for those considering a novated lease. Novated leases offer a unique approach to leasing, allowing an employer to dock an employee’s pay as a means of paying off the lease. As novated leases become increasingly enticing, so too are novated lease calculators. However, they’re not reserved solely for novated lessees. If you’re someone who’s looking to compare leasing alternatives, this tool will give you great insight into the financial benefits of a novated lease.

The Benefits Of Novated Lease Calculators

  • Provides ample knowledge and insight
  • Serves as a sufficient baseline
  • Lessens the chance of you getting scammed
  • Opens your eyes to a feasible budget
  • Helps pinpoint your preferences
  • Uncomplicated, convenient, and quick

Questions You’ll Encounter
To properly gauge your monthly payment, the novated lease calculator will ask a series of brief questions. Bear in mind that the result hinges upon your answer so honest responses are crucial. Here are some questions you will likely be asked.

  • How long do you plan on leasing the car?
  • Would you prefer a small, large, or sports vehicle?
  • What is your annual gross income?
  • Who is your employer?
  • Which automotive manufacturer would you like to go with?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Would you like to pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly?

Where Can I Find A Novated Lease Calculator?
Novated lease calculators can be found online via a quick Google search for novated leases in Australia. For your convenience, find a Stratton Finance Novated Lease Calculator www.strattonfinance.com.au/calculators/novated-lease

Car Loan

Understanding the Different Car Loan Products Available

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The convenience of owning a car is undeniable, especially for a person who has to commute daily for school, work, or other activities. A car is as important an asset as a house and coming by one presents just as many challenges. Most people don’t have enough money to buy vehicles outright, which is why auto loans have become popular. You only have to find the right lender to work with to get a car loan that suits your requirements. The trouble, particularly for first-time borrowers, is deciding which car loan to get. The lending market is filled with a variety of products offering different features to customers. To choose the most appropriate one, you must be able to differentiate them.

Secure vs. Unsecured LoansA secured car loan is where you put up the car you intend to buy as collateral. It means that the lender leverages the equity of the car as security. In this loan type, the lender is right in repossessing the vehicle if the borrower doesn’t meet all the payments in the agreed term. Because there is less risk for the lending company, interest rates for secured auto loans are usually low.

On the other hand, an unsecured loan borrows against the ability of the customer to repay. Consequently, a borrower will have to show good credit. The lender has to be sure that you can make the monthly installments without fail. Due to the high risk on the part of the lending business, interest rates for unsecured loans are usually a bit higher than secured loans.

Standard Loan

The most basic product for borrowers is the Car Loans Stratton where a lender advances money to a customer to buy a new or used vehicle. This loan is popular because of its simplicity. However, the borrower must be financially stable and may come with extra finance charges such as on-road costs. It can be unsecured or secured.

Novated Lease

Another type of car loan involves a third-way agreement between an employer, employee, and a financier. As the employee, you lease the car from the financier, but the employer is responsible for the payments, which are under a novated deed. The employer takes out the vehicle benefits from your salary. With this type of loan, you can pick the vehicle you want and get full control over its use. The employee can also opt to buy the car when the contract ends.

Commercial Hire Purchase

With this loan agreement, the financier buys the car and then allows the customer to lease for a certain period. During that term, the customer pays the car loan in monthly installments, and when they are complete, the vehicle ownership is transferred. This loan contract has some flexibility because you can pay it in a lump sum to get the vehicle.

The different loan products available for aspiring car owners make it easy to get something within your budget. Whichever car loan you pick, find out its features like extra repayments and early exit penalties.

Get your car finance loan approved fast

Five tips to get your car finance loan approved fast

You have just found a perfect car, but you do not have the funds to pay for it. Luckily, you can still own the car by taking a car finance loan and paying the loan in convenient installments. However, before heading to any Australian lender, consider the following areas to increase chances of your loan being approved and getting better rates.

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Check your credit score
Your credit score influences your car finance lender’s perception of your creditworthiness. A high credit score shows that you are responsible in fulfilling your financial obligations. You can be rewarded with lower interest rates, which in turn lower the cost of car financing.

Get a credit report before getting your car finance loan. Check for any errors or records that are not updated and have them corrected. You can also boost the credit score by paying your loans on time or picking small loans such as credit cards and paying them on time.

Shop for better car finance loan rates
You should shop loans just as you shopped for your car. Your first lender or dealer financing may not be offering the best rates. Check your bank, credits unions, and other Stratton Car Finance lenders before taking an offer. The lower the rates, the cheaper it will be to pay for your loan.

Borrow within your means
Your car finance request may be rejected if you are asking amounts you cannot pay comfortably. Lenders look at your average monthly income and obligations before approving your loan. Remember you will also be maintaining your car, fueling it and must have car insurance. Therefore, pick a car whose loan value you can pay comfortably and remain with enough disposable income to maintain it.

Compare first before applying
Research for different car finance offers in the market before making an application. Talk to lenders and brokers too. When you make an application, the lender does a credit check. The credit check will show up on your credit report. It can be a negative entry if your application is rejected. Play safe. Get different offers for comparison but apply when you are sure you have high chances of being approved.

A guarantor or security increases the chances of being approved
Secured loans are more likely to be approved as the lenders view them as less risky. You can get a friend or relative to guarantee the loan on your behalf. You can also secure the loan with title to your property or the car that you are buying. However, remember that the lender might repossess your security if you default on the loan.

It is a good idea to save a portion of the total cost of the car. Most lenders like to see your commitment by way of a downpayment. It demonstrates that you are stable and are willing to protect your car investment. Target 10 to 20 percent of the total value of the car as a downpayment.

Problematic Novated Lease Company

Signs of a Problematic Novated Lease Company

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A novated lease, in brief, is a variety of car lease that exists in Australia. If you get a novated lease, the contract’s requirements have been moved from a single entity to a different one. If you opt for a setup that involves salary packaging, then you may have a novated lease. It’s critical to learn about the novated lease world prior to making any commitments. Understanding Novated Lease Calculator by Stratton Finance concepts in great detail can help you steer clear of bad choices. These tips can help people who wish to steer clear of questionable novated lease companies. If you want to make a wise novated lease choice, pay careful attention.

Questionable companies that offer these kinds of leases tend to keep interest rates big secrets. If you want to stay far away from suspicious companies, you should stay far away from companies that have mysterious interest rates that are practically impossible to confirm. These businesses just aren’t worth your time.

Focus on companies that fail to be straightforward and clear. Honesty is vital in the leasing world. If you want to feel great about your lease company decision, then you need to prioritise sincerity and honesty. If a company’s representatives aren’t willing to or able to answer all of your questions, that’s not a positive thing. It’s critical to avoid companies that don’t talk to you about all of your options as well. You need to look for company representatives who can make you feel peace of mind. You should search for representatives who can give you insight regarding all of the advantages that are associated with certain lease categories. If an employee can’t give you information that’s clear and simple to understand, you should walk away from the situation as soon as possible.

Unreliable businesses frequently give potential customers quotes that seem impossible and too good to be true. If you receive a quote that you honestly can’t believe, it most likely isn’t real, sadly enough. Some businesses that specialise in novated leases provide people with instant quotes that don’t mean much. They give these instant quotes out without being aware of individual situations, too. This can be detrimental to people due to the fact that it can lose them money.

It can be a problem to give your time to a company that doesn’t seem to have strong relationships with reputable financiers. Search for a lease firm that you can confirm has solid relationships with the right kinds of financiers.

At the end of the day, communication is paramount. It’s the most important thing. If you work with a company that doesn’t have strong communication practices, that can lead to all types of concerns further on down the line. You should give your energy to businesses that are happy to speak to you about novated leases. You should give your energy to businesses that can back up knowledge with reliable facts.